Hi. I’m Chris. I have had this URL for a very long time; it used to be a site I designed myself (poorly) with intent to promote my photography business, of which I closed the doors on more than 5 years ago. I now have high hopes that revamping it as a simple blog site will encourage me to write things down more often. Wish me luck with that.

I am by far the luckiest man I know. I am happily married to the most beautiful and supportive wife I could imagine, the father of two of the funniest, cutest and smartest kids I know, I live within bike riding distance of a beach in San Diego county where the weather is always perfect…should I go on? Life is good.

And, as a very wise man once told me,
life is life.
It’s good, bad, fun, scary, painful, exciting — and sometimes all at once.

I am generally a reserved and quiet person. I observe. My hope is to use this site as a means to document some of my observations.